About Us

FL MODELS MANAGEMENT AND SCOUTING is not a model agency but an International Management and Placement Company for girls who want to become professionnal models, FL MODELS MANAGEMENT AND SCOUTING discovers girls and find for them agencies all over the world.

Frédéric is the head of this company. He is manager of many talents and models in Europe, and he managed names like actress Louise Bourgoin (Luc Besson's favourite, leading role in movie "Adele Blanc-Sec"), actor Michel Muller ("Wasabi" with Jean Reno, "Astérix and Obélix"), dancer Sofia Boutella (Madonna and Michael Jackson's official dancer) and models Natasha Poly, Iva Fruhlingova, Vika Falileeva and others...

Boosted by his experience, Frédéric and his team are constantly looking for the best new young models all over the world, focussing specifically on Russia, Ukraine, Republic Belarus, Czech Republic...

Not only do they discover wonderful new models but moreover they are in charge of their initial forays into the modelling world and of their professional career.


FL MODELS MANAGEMENT AND SCOUTING is in charge of discovering and grooming its models and ensuring that their careers are professionally managed.

Constantly in touch with the parents, families, relatives, mother agencies of their models and other international modelling agencies around the world, FL MODELS MANAGEMENT AND SCOUTING advise their models regarding the correct choices to be made and therefore add a personal touch to their professional engagements depending on each model’s personality.

Europe and the United States are the territories where Frédéric and his team hunt for agencies which would be the best temperamental match for the placement of their models.

Motivation and Commitment are the essential selection criteria for FL MODELS MANAGEMENT AND SCOUTING. A good model needs to have a healthy lifestyle with no regular nights out, to do sports, to have a healthy diet, to have an iron will to succeed, to be courageous and to be punctual. Modelling is a very demanding profession, it is not a hobby.